Posted by: firstdescentsblog | January 10, 2012

“Fresh Start” Diet/Cleanse for the New Year!

What better time than the New Year (post holidays) to spend a week doing a light cleanse and get back on track with eating a healthy diet.  This “plan” can be simple and flexible, as no need to get stressed about it.  This is not about portion control or counting calories, instead it is about eating clean!


Foods to Avoid:

  • Refined white sugars, added sugars
  • Refined flours, wheat products
  • Deep-fried foods
  • Meats, especially highly processed and non-organic
  • Dairy, especially non-organic
  • Fast food
  • Refined salt (ie. regular table salt)
  • Overly processed and packaged foods
  • Coffee (especially non-organic) and heavily caffeinated drinks
  • All chemicals in foods and beverages (ie. artificial sweeteners and alcohol)


Recommended Menu:

-Upon waking drink large glass of warm or room temperature filtered lemon water

-Drink a cup of mint, licorice, or green tea

-Have a clean fruit/vegetable smoothie with hormone free whey protein, raw nuts and seeds, nut milk, greens, etc for breakfast

-Have a large glass of filtered water before and between meals

-Have a clean vegan soup, green salad with lots of veggies, seeds, sprouts, and olive oil, sprouted veggie wraps or sandwiches for lunch and dinner

-Enjoy a cup of peppermint tea before bed


After a week or so you should feel better, lighter, clear headed, and realigned with healthy eating habits!




  1. This was also posted in Team FD Newsletter for January. Enjoy and Have a healthy and happy New Year!

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